2021 vending machine locations

50 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Rockefeller Plaza (49th Street, across from the skating rink and next to Free People)

4770 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

Light the World 2021

To #LightTheWorld this holiday, find WaterAid at a charity vending machine or online.

From strength to strength

We are proud to be entering our fifth year of partnership with Light the World. Due to pandemic, Light the World in 2020 was a uniquely digital campaign. YOU smashed all of our digital fundraising goals and helped us reach thousands of frontline health care workers in need of hygiene training, supplies and clean, running water. We could not have served 181 million people worldwide during the pandemic with out the generosity of the #LightTheWorld community.

2019: Clean water for Tongasoa!

Thanks to your collective support, 12,000 people in Madagascar will soon be equipped with water taps, toilets and more!

WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Light the World by the numbers

Look what you have all achieved

Over Advent and Christmas 2019, #LightTheWorld online appeal shone light on a remote part of Madagascar to equip 12,000 people with clean water and decent toilets. In short, all the essentials we need to live a healthy, dignified life.

100% of $175000 dollars

$176494 dollars


Starts: 7 December 2019

Ends: 25 December 2019

When waiting on a line was a good thing

Learn more about the vending machines with a difference

These pioneering vending machines made the headlines!


The World Giving Machines look like a typical vending machine complex, but through them, you can donate books, meals, and personal care items to local and worldwide charities instead. The choice is yours and it all happens at the press of a button. + “It’s just like walking up to a machine and getting a candy bar,” explained Amy Jackson, with Mile High Ministries. “But you are supporting families [...] around the world just by pushing a button.” + For the time being there are only ten such vending machine complexes in the world. They are sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the church covers machine costs, administrative fees and other overhead expenses. + The World Giving Machines raised more than $5.4 million this holiday season and were available through the first week of January in most locations. -- h/t: CBS Photo: @givingmachinesdenver ••• @globalpositivenews @globalpositivenews @globalpositivenews . . . #caring #heartwarming #positivepsychology #globalpositivenews #news #tanksgoodnews #Positivenews #positivenergy #positivity #onemillionactsofgood #kindness #kindnessmatters #randomactsofkindness #actsofkindness #donation #donations #holidayseason #candybar #candybars #generous #generosity #selfless #selflessness #homeless #homelessness #vendingmachines #vendingmachine #helpingpeople #helpingothers

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Thousands of you waited in long lines to #LightTheWorld in person, with your friends and families. It was part of a coordinated global appeal and more than 11,000 of you opted to support clean water facilities, raising a staggering $419,000 to support clean water projects! Wells and taps were your favorite items and the impact of your collective generosity can not be exaggerated. This sort of volume makes a material difference at a community level. 

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LDS and WaterAid

Find out more about our unique partnership

Since 1981 we've reached with clean water.

Together, we work with communities to set up practical and sustainable water projects that meet their needs. Hardware, such as taps and rainwater harvesting tanks are always backed up by training on maintenance and management, making sure that the health benefits of clean water are maximized. To ensure sustainability we use technologies that are low-cost, appropriate to the local area, and can be easily maintained by the communities who use them.

We also work with local partners to ensure capacity and skills are developed at a local level. Local partners include:

  • Local non-government organisations (NGOs)

  • Local and national government departments

  • Private utility companies

We invest in local partner organizations to enable them to deliver lasting changes for their communities. We typically provide financial support, training and technical advice, as well as help with planning, budgeting and organizational development.

As partners grow stronger, they become less reliant on WaterAid's technical and financial support and can seek funds from other sources. When this happens, we often start working with newer or less well-established partners, with the cycle of training and development starting again.

Find out why we were founded and why we are working to put ourselves out of work for 2030.

Tax-efficient ways to support clean water

From cryptocurrency to stock donations, there are easy, tax-efficient ways to support clean water projects using your smartphone.

Annual reports

Read our annual reports to see the impact in action!