WaterAid was summarized as follows in the expert review of the organization published on Philanthropedia (a division of Guidestar):


Experts value WaterAid's global reach and have seen their projects in many countries, in Southeast Asia where they started a yearly sanitation conference, the Pacific, Africa, and South Africa.

WaterAid fosters the creation of local water organizations that further WaterAid's goals. WaterAid is also known for its effective advocacy and extensive field experience. They provide long-lasting, comprehensive solutions.

Philanthropedia surveyed 82 experts working in water, sanitation, and hygiene at a total of 61 organizations to identify the non-profit organizations making the highest impact in the sector. Philanthropedia's experts (foundation professionals, researchers and faculty, nonprofit senior staff, consultants, journalists, policy-makers etc.) recommended 16 outstanding nonprofits working in water, sanitation and hygiene, with WaterAid, Water for People and the IRC ranked first, second and third respectively.  

The experts were asked to recommend nonprofits that work in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene, in particular to recommend up to three nonprofits doing high-impact work across multiple countries/regions, and up to three nonprofits doing high-impact work in a specific country/region. These experts were asked to consider a range of nonprofits including those providing direct service, advocacy, litigation, research, education, and other areas. WaterAid was ranked highest, with 44 experts agreeing the organization has had the most impact in the field.

Read more about the survey and view the top 16 ranked organizations working in water, sanitation and hygiene on the Philanthropedia website. Experts commented on the impact each nonprofit has had, what the nonprofit's other organizational strengths are, and how each organization could further improve.

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