There are over 25.8 million water stories we could tell. These are just a few of them.

We have helped more than 25.8 million people gain access to clean water since 1981. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed around the world.


World Teacher's Day!

We are honoring teachers everywhere, to thank them for the work they do. Teachers make an indelible impression on us, everyone remembers the name of their first teacher, or the teacher who brought their subject to life and inspired you. Their role in our lives lingers long after we have left school.

September Update

It’s been a couple of busy weeks here at WaterAid, and while we gear up for even busier weeks ahead we wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to.


August Update

Summer WaterAid - fried green grasshoppers, an unusual combination of sun and clean water in Mozambique and the hot, steamy walk for water in New York City: all this and more for our August update.