There are over 24.9 million water stories we could tell. These are just a few of them.

We have helped more than 24.9 million people gain access to clean water since 1981. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed around the world.

Bina, 15, sits at her desk in Chicoma Primary School in Chicoma Village, Mossuril District, Nampula Province, Mozambique, October 2017.

Tap the sun

This summer, we will be working in the Mossuril District of Mozambique, where 71% of the population live without a safe sanitation system and 68.2% without clean water. Our project in Chicoma village, the first of many projects in this area, will change this.
Woman and baby in Madagascar.

What Water Means for Moms

Some say being a mother is the toughest job in the world. There is no instruction manual and no time off. For millions of women around the world, being a mom is that much more challenging without access to clean water.