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Blueprint for a climate-resilient water project

Blueprint for a climate-resilient water project

Tap the sun

We use solar panels to power water pumps.

Going Deeper Underground

We use drills to drill borehole wells that can access ground water deep underground.

(Did you know that ground water represents a huge, untapped source of clean water? Read our Ground Water Report to learn how the solution to water scarcity could be right under our feet.

Built to Last

We install robust, climate-resilient pipes.


We provide sterile rainwater storage tanks to use as a backup supply in the dry season.

Sensible precautions

We install elevated taps and toilets that can withstand floods. This helps to prevent the spread of disease in the event of a flood as the toilet system will not contaminate the drinking water.

Smart sensors at the water storage tanks.


Smart chips monitor the incoming water volume and outgoing water usage. These smart meters send alerts to the community. This insight allows the community to plan their water usage together.