Comejenes, Colombia Impact Report


Your support is changing lives in Comejenes.

With your support, we were able to reach 568 people in this small community with sustainable, clean water! For Viviana Penalver Gomez, this change has not only reduced the amount of time it takes to provide clean water for her family, but it also allows her to invest her monthly earnings in both her family and her community.

Viviana has lived in Comejenes her entire life. She knows the difference clean water makes first-hand. Thanks to the clean water in her community she now lives an empowered life as a local leader, businesswoman, and mother, instead of spending time and energy collecting water multiple times per day.


 " As much as you boil it there the water is still dirty... Luckily they have never gotten diarrhea from the water because I would always boil it."

Prior to the installation of the water point, Viviana and those in her community traveled ten miles round trip to the river daily to collect water for their families. Viviana would spend hours collecting and boiling the water so it would be safe to consume. On days that they were unable to collect the water for themselves, they would pay two thousand Colombian pesos per jerry can delivered. Since the installation, Viviana and her family can use their time for more productive means. Viviana uses her time to lead the Community Committee, this committee helps to protect the rights her of her community and helps her to provide the best possible future for her children. 


Your support has empowered Viviana and her entire community for generations to come. 

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