Continued progress in Waslala


As we welcome the new year, we hope that you get a chance to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished together these past months.

2016 was definitely a memorable year, filled with many smiles, laughter and tears. Whether you are ready to say goodbye or filled with nostalgia leaving the year behind – we are thankful you were part of our journey over the last year.

Photo: WaterAid/ Joshua Briemberg

To end the year right we have some updates from Waslala! You can catch up on previous updates here.

  • Construction has continued in the San Jose Dipina community water supply project which is now 90% completed; all households are expected to be connected and receiving a safe supply of drinking water 24/7 in January.
  • The sanitation system pilot projects have been completed with three different options constructed –4 men and 2 women were trained in the process.
  • Performance evaluations scheduled to take place in late January will serve as the basis of a sanitation strategy to be scaled-up in at least four communities including San Jose Dipina, Los Mangos, Chilamate Kum and Zapote Kum.
  • The construction of a new water project in Los Mangos will start in January while construction of a water project to service the communities of both Chilamate Kum and Zapote Kum is expected to start in April 2017.

Together we will keep the momentum going in Waslala through 2017 and beyond!