La Guajira, Colombia, Impact report


With your outstanding support, we have improved the quality of life in La Guajira, and plan to do much much more. 

With your support over the past year, we have expanded upon the efforts made by Aguayuda to address the vast need for water, sanitation and improving hygiene practice in Wayuu communities.

Ana Pushaina and Liz Estela live 15 miles away from each other in La Guajira, Colombia, yet they share many similarities. Both women are grandmothers, caretakers, and breadwinners for their families who lack one of the most basic necessities, clean water. These women rely on clean water for the well being of their families. With your ongoing support, we will establish and maintain access to safe and clean water for their families and many more in La Guajira.

Your impact has allowed us to improve the quality of life in the La Guajira region of Columbia, by installing 15 water filters which have benefitted 2,553 people across La Guajira. We have conducted water quality testing and provided WASH education in 22 communities and 2 schools, reaching over 1,000 students with Hygiene and Education programs in schools.


  1. Increase access to water for domestic use(e.g. Household, livestock and vegetable gardens) with a focus on renewable energy sources such as windmill and solar pumps.

  2. Providing hygiene education through WASH training and improved sanitation practices and facilities.

  3. Strengthening networks and alliances with key actors for greater influence and impact in the WASH sector at local, regional and national levels.

We have identified two new micro-regions, Manaure and Maicao in which we will continue to expand upon Aguayuda’s work. We will continue to support the La Guajira region and form alliances with local, national governmental agencies and civil societies to maximize our impact. 

Your support has empowered Anna and those in her community for generations to come.