The Largest Donation in Who Gives A Crap’s history!

Who Gives A Crap and WaterAid | making magic happen, one toilet roll at a time

We're so excited to announce that WaterAid is the recipient of our biggest donation to date from our incredible partners Who Gives A Crap! Not only is this their biggest donation to date, but it is our second biggest corporate donation globally in the last 2 years. With the increase in toilet paper sales, Who Gives A Crap has been able to donate $5.85 million dollars to charity, including WaterAid.

Who Gives A Crap have been our amazing partners since 2013, supporting our global sanitation projects and changing lives. This latest donation will ensure we continue reaching the most vulnerable and marginalised in society during these challenging times, and that we can continue our life-changing and life-saving work.

To celebrate the donation, we sat down (virtually of course) with Co-Founder Danny to discuss all things toilets!