Thank you for your heart, kindness and support!

"Chores are less tiring now but before apart from fetching water for our family, we had to go to the river, late in the evening and very early in the morning too to have a shower as a girl. Before, sometimes when I was too tired I went straight to bed ...
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Every day our teams across the world, 33 countries to be exact, are working together to bring clean water to everyone, everywhere. How do we do this? Well, that is, in great part, thanks to people like you. Supporters help fuel our programs and have been helping bring clean water and toilets to communities since 1981, helping communities help themselves.

Together we’ve reached 26.4 million people with clean water! That's 26.4 million more healthy and independent people in the world, 26.4 million more people contributing to the economic vitality of their community. This past winter, we saw again, how together we make a bigger difference.

There are a million and one different reasons why people choose to give and we can’t thank you enough for choosing to give clean water. Here are some of the reasons people chose to give this past winter, whether it was a moment of reflection or of love, these reasons serve as a reminder of how together we can light the world.

You inspire us all! Want to let us know more reasons why giving clean water is important to you? Reach out to us on twitter or facebook

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