One drink. One month. How hard can it be?

Find out yourself this January by ditching the booze, caffeine and soda in this test of willpower. Make water your only beverage for one month and raise money for WaterAid, so you can give others the gift of clean water.

To show their support, ask friends and family to donate to your fundraiser in solidarity.

Do good for others. Do good for you. Start 2020 with the ultimate detox.

WaterAid media round up June 25, 2021, photo credit thanks to Latter Day Saint Charities

The Water Challenge aims to raise awareness about the global inequality of access to clean water. One in nine people do not have access to clean water, and many women and children spend hours each day walking to collect water. Clean water and sanitation underpin health, education and livelihoods, yet millions of people across the world live without these basic human rights.

Fundraising with WaterAid’s Water Challenge will support our mission of bringing clean water to the more than 785 million people living without it.

Ready to join the challenge?

The Rules