When we first visited Chicoma in Northern Mozambique, the community's main water source was a huge, unprotected and unstable sand pit. Local women like Molia used long poles with bottles on the end to scoop up the murky water.

Now, things are changing. Thanks to the generosity of WaterAid supporters to our 'Tap the Sun' project, Chicoma is well on its way to having clean water supplied by solar-powered water pumps. People gather at the construction site every day to see the work in progress and there is lots of excitement in the community. You can see some of Molia's thoughts in the gallery below.

"I would like to say thank you for this great gift."

As part of the project, a sanitary block has also been built at the local primary school. School Principal Feliciano Basilio says it will help the children enjoy going to school and he expects more students to enroll now.

Image: WaterAid/ Chileshe Chanda

"It would have been impossible for us to do this."

Abdul Aziz Assubushi, 62, is a community leader in Chicoma. He has been organizing members of the community to help out with the construction.

Image: WaterAid/ Chileshe Chanda