Working on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic are nurses, doctors, janitors and midwives. They are our health care heroes. They are our friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues and teachers.

Protecting workers on the front lines protects us all. It's essential we do all we can to keep them safe, appreciated and valued.

Share a short message of gratitude below and we will share it with a frontline worker from one of the 30 countries where we work. 

What are people saying?


Sarah, New York

"Thank you for all keeping us safe during the pandemic."

Emily, Brooklyn

"Thank you for your commitment to our community during these scary times."

Kailey, Massapequa

"Thank you so much for your time, sacrifice and dedication to helping others during this crazy pandemic! You are appreciated!"


"Thank you for putting others health above your own! We all love you!"


"We need you so much and are so grateful for all your effort; thank you for being here when we need you most. You inspire me to be more generous with my time and be more willing to help others when I see I can! Thank you, and have a merry Christmas! :)"


"Thank you for your sacrifices in the fight against Covid-19. Your bravery, commitment, compassion and selflessness are incredibly moving and amazing. You are proof there are angels among us. Please take care of yourself! You are doing hard things and I am so grateful to you."


"I just want to take the time to thank you for your service and your hard work especially during these times. I want to give you an uplifting message to lift your burdens. The power within you is greater than the obstacles in font of you"


"Thank you so much for serving and helping those with covid-19. My name is Tyson and I am eight I am praying for you."