Thank you month: it’s all about you!

This September we wanted to take a minute to thank our marvelous supporters. Your support means we are getting closer to solving the global water crisis.

The progress that still needs to be made can sometimes seem overwhelming, but the sheer number of you who support clean water inspires us. So today and throughout September we want to thank YOU.

We cannot thank everyone by name but here are a few of our water superheroes. 

You are all part of this movement. You are all part of the solution.

  H  N  K   Y  O  !


You put the FUN into fundraising!

Together, we work miracles.

Schoolchildren pose for Hereos Image at Najafgarh, Delhi. Local Partner: MRYDO

Tobias' Tribe

From a humble Outlander book club to a fundraising behemoth, you simply won't believe what the ladies of Tobias Tribe can do!

There should be poems written to showcase the imaginative successes of these devoted fans of actor Tobias Menzies, who have supported WaterAid since 2014.



Gamers all over the world have raised money to support our work in the field. We can't thank them enough.

From the console, mobile, to PC gaming communities, gamers have showed us that when you do what you love, you can make a life-changing difference to thousands of people around the world. 


Choose a Challenge

This group of student supporters have combined adventure and fundraising to bring clean water to the communities that need it most. Whether it's trekking to Everest base camp or Mount Kilimanjaro, these supporters have gone to great lengths to make a differencethank you!

Last year alone they raised over $90,000

Choose a challenge
The joy and happiness of Rodolphe, eight years old, seeing water flowing from the tap for the first time. Water arriving in Andranomalaza village, Lovasoa Fokontany, Fihaonana commune in Ankazobe district, Analamanga region. September 2015
Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala


Elizabeth, along with countless others, has come up with innovative ways to raise awareness with her classmates and friends. From setting up "fancy" toilets at school, to selling hard-to-come-by British candy, Elizabeth has proven herself to be a true "water supporter". 

A round of applause for Elizabeth and all of our individual supporters!

WaterAid supporter, Elizabeth



You help us make a lasting difference.

Thanks to our corporate partners for making moments like this possible

Mariama, splashes in clean water from one of the tap stands installed by WaterAid in the Village of Samabogo, in the Circle/district of Bla, Region of Segou, Mali, April 2018.
Image: WaterAid/ Basile Ouedraogo

Humble Bundle

A huge shout out to one of our favorite #GameChangers, Humble Bundle! 

They have been supporting us since 2015 and have helped bring clean water to communities all over the world. 

Gap Inc.

Making waves in India

Women dance to welcome Glastonbury Festival Toilet Manager Jane Healy in Heera Mil ki Chaal, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India, February 2016.
Image: WaterAid/Eliza Powell

WaterAid is pleased to join the Women + Water Alliance, a partnership of USAID and Gap Inc., to improve the lives of women touched by India’s apparel industry through access to clean water.

Thank you to our partners USAID, Gap Inc. CARE,, and the Institute for Sustainable Communities.

Together, we make a bigger difference.

Stay tuned

We will be thanking more supporters as the month goes on.

Will you be next?

Image: WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala