Let's hear it for the teachers

Teachers make an indelible impression on us, everyone remembers the name of their first teacher, or the teacher who brought their subject to life and inspired you. Their role in our lives lingers long after we have left school.

In the build up to World Teacher's Day (October 5) we are honoring teachers everywhere, to thank them for the work they do. 

Tell us about your favorite teacher!

Here are some of our favorite teachers

Our team have some teachers they'd like to thank too

Favorite teacher: Ms. Wood

I loved my 9th grade World History teacher, Ms. Wood! Her lessons helped to broaden my perspective about the many forces and factors that shaped our world into what it is today. Her willingness to have one-on-one discussions about my future aspirations and open up about her own struggles and accomplishments also really solidified a personal bond between us. Every time I go back to my hometown, I try to pay her a visit!

Favorite teacher: Professor Hilton

Professor Hilton made me fall in love with economics so much so that I ended up majoring in it.  He was such great energy and a reminder of the importance of sharing happiness and positivity with others. He would end every lecture with ‘have a good night and an even better tomorrow’ –a reminder that there was always a new day on the horizon. On that note… a message for you who is reading this…have a great day and an even better tomorrow!

Emma Chapman
Nat Fernandes

Teachers we work with!

We get to work with incredible teachers all over the world. 

Some of these teachers work in schools where there is no clean water and no reliable toilets for students and staff. We're working together to change that so that every student can unlock their full potential. Take these teachers in La Guajira, Colombia, for example who every day bring clean water from their homes for their students. Together, we'll be working on bringing clean water to the school!