Right now, 2 billion people still don't have clean water.

But one village, one community and one district at a time, we are tackling this issue, to install a reliable, sustainable water system that will last for generations.

This is real progress.

Last year we reached 1.375 million people with clean water. This is great momentum, momentum we need to keep going, but we need your help. 

Are you a people person with 17 seconds to spare? 

1. Take the pledge

We need you, your voice. Please take the pledge to support clean water for all.

2. Tell your friends

We urgently need amplification to focus people's attention on the water crisis.

Lend your voice and boost awareness because this really is a numbers game, for every 100 new people we reach, 10 will get involved, 1 might even go the extra mile and donate.

3. Know the facts

Facts are powerful

Get informed about the scale of the problem and the work being done globally to address it. Knowledge is power, power is progress, progress means eradicating poverty one community at a time.