In 1981, members of the UK water industry united to create a single international organisation dedicated to the water crisis – because one didn't exist.

A strong foundation

Since our foundation, we have worked in partnership towards a shared vision of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene for everyone, everywhere.

Today, our founding partners remain at the heart of what we do. Water industry employees, contractors and customers are fundamental to our progress so far. Passionate volunteer committees put on events around the country, meaning that WaterAid is truly grounded in communities across the UK. Each year, employees donate thousands of hours fundraising, campaigning and raising awareness.  And over the years, customers have donated over £150 million.

Digging deep in Mozambique

In October 2016, a group of ten supporters from the UK water industry travelled to Mozambique to see how clean water, decent toilets and hygiene can change lives. Check out their story.

Image: WaterAid/Sam James

Working in partnership

People working across the water industry give a great deal of support that goes way beyond funding and awareness-raising.

By connecting the UK water industry with peers in other countries, there is a unique exchange of technical expertise, leading to sector-strengthening and leadership development opportunities.

It is through partnership that we provide the solutions and build the systems which change infrastructure, transforming countries, not just villages and communities.

We started because no charity like us existed. We’ll end when no charity like us is needed. And we’ll do it together.

Why partnership matters

The water companies’ passionate volunteer committees put on innumerable events in their areas, meaning that WaterAid is truly grounded in communities across the UK, helping to get the water and sanitation crisis to the front of people’s minds.
Tim Wainwright - Chief Executive, WaterAid UK

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