There’s a problem that affects almost 2.3 billion people, or 1 in 3 people worldwide. It’s one of the world’s greatest obstacles to public health and environmental sustainability, and it costs the world’s poorest countries 260 billion dollars every year.

It’s the lack of access to clean water and decent toilets. 

Honestly, it's a pretty terrible situation.

Women and children pay the heaviest price for poor sanitation

Lack of sanitation doesn't just cause discomfort—it’s a safety issue that women and girls are forced to face every day.

In many countries, women are expected to wait until nightfall to relieve themselves, putting them at serious risk of harassment and assault.

About half of all girls worldwide attend schools without toilets, forcing many of them to drop out when they reach puberty.

What we are doing about it

Last year we helped over 433,000 people gain access to a decent toilet in households, 182,000 people in schools and 1,080,000 people in healthcare centers!

Image: WaterAid/Ronny Sen

What can you do about it?

We believe in long-term solutions and for that we need you!

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