Clean water should be available to everyone. But for too many people, it’s not. If there is no reliable source of clean water or hygiene, the community suffers. Handwashing with soap is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to contain the spread of diseases like Covid-19. But a shocking three billion people still have nowhere to wash their hands with soap.

This Ramadan, you can help change this. Give your Zakat, and bring clean water and good hygiene to those who need it most. With your help, families can stay healthy, break free from poverty and thrive.

Your Zakat can make clean water a reality for communities around the world and support current projects in places like Pakistan, Mali and Bangladesh.

You can help fund vital projects to make sure that children have clean water to drink. They can grow up healthy and strong, and go to school. Women and men get to earn a living. Whole communities will flourish.

Together, we can help change people’s lives for good.


Examples of our work

Water and toilets in schools

Madrassa Project

Bathroom facilities will be just the beginning for these pupils in Bangladesh, as they return to education after lockdown.

Media round up - clean water and WASH news summary June 18, 2021 | WaterAid
Image: WaterAid/DRIK/ Habibul Haque

Climate-resilient water systems

Muzaffargarh District

Climate-resilient water systems in the schools and health centers will mean reliable, clean water and toilets for the entire community of 45,000 people.

Fatima, 13, filling up a botle of water at the school's tap stand, Lahore, Pakistan, May 2020.
Image: WaterAid/ Sibtain Haider

Community-wide water projects

Bla and Kati, Mali

Your zakat donations can help fund water pumps in communities, handwashing facilities in health centres and toilet blocks in schools for the communities in Bla and Kati.

Aminata, 11, a member of the school hygiene club, serving herself some clean water to drink inside a classroom at Dankoumani school, Bla district, Segou region, Mali, October 2019.
Image: WaterAid/ Basile Ouedraogo