Aljira in Timor-Leste spent up to six hours a day walking to collect water – sometimes with small children. “It was so far,” she says, “Our heads became short because we had to carry water with our heads…I fell down many times because it was slippery and I got injuries.”

Like millions of women and girls in the world’s poorest countries, Aljira had no choice. “If I didn’t collect water, I couldn’t live because I wouldn’t have any water for eating and drinking.”

WaterAid helped provide a water point near Aljira’s home, setting her free from walking for water.

She now knows the water is clean and safe to drink. And the overflow runs into her kitchen garden, so she can grow nutritious vegetables for her family. She even makes an income from selling extra produce, which helps pay for her children’s education!

Aljira’s life has changed – and it has transformed her whole family.

“Thank you very much!…you from another country help us. Big thanks from us. Now we feel life as a human, before we felt there was no life for us.”

Aljira smiling at the camera