WaterAid's Payroll Giving Program

Payroll Giving is a smart way to give

Payroll Giving engages your employees, contributes to WaterAid's life-saving work, and offers your staff a tax-efficient method of giving. 85% of employees believe it's important to give back through work*.
*source: workplacegivingaustralia.org.au

WaterAid's Payroll Giving program is a triple win for businesses, employees and WaterAid.

The program aims to secure ongoing and essential funds to help establish and maintain water, sanitation and hygiene projects for our programs in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste.

Businesses boost staff engagement and enhance their reputation through meaningful social impact, employees enjoy tax-efficient and hassle-free giving as they donate to WaterAid directly from their salary before tax, and waterAid receives regular, low-cost funds, fostering strong partnerships.

Drinking water from tap
WaterAid/Tariq Hawari

Want to know more?

If your company has an existing Payroll Giving program, reach out to us at [email protected], and let us assist you in setting up the system with WaterAid.

If your company has not yet implemented a Payroll Giving scheme, and you are keen to know more, WaterAid are here to support you with this. Explore our DIY Guide (download here) or contact us at [email protected].