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Annual reports

WaterAid Australia financial review 2018/19

This information has been extracted from the audited WaterAid Australia Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018/19.

Where did the money come from in 2018/19?

WaterAid Australia’s 2018/19 total income was $13.8m, an increase of $1.8m or 15% compared to the prior year. In 2018/19 we successfully completed the first year of our major grant—Water for Women—funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). DFAT contributed significantly to our mission, by funding $4.56m of our work, representing 33% of our total income (2017/18: $2.96m or 25%).

2018/19 fundraising income was $6.3m, an 11% increase on the prior year (2017/18: $5.7m).  Support from the water sector remains an enormously positive component of our fundraising effort, most notably through our state fundraising committees. WaterAid Australia also received total funding of $2.1m via other members of the WaterAid International Federation (2017/18: $2.1m) including a bilateral investment of $500k from WaterAid UK (2017/18: $500k).

Where did the money go in 2018/19?

Total expenditure in 2018/19 was $13.6m, up $2.2m or 19% from the prior year (2017/18: $11.4m). Our programmatic work made up 70% of our total expenditure, fundraising costs were 22% and accountability and administration totalled 8%. We efficiently and effectively maintained our commitment to the Australian public of being a transparent and accountable organisation. 

Income: $13.8 million

33% DFAT grants
7% Other grants and income
4% WaterAid UK
11% Other WaterAid member fundraising

Income graph

Expenses: $13.6 million

8% Accountability and administration

Expenses graph

Program expenditure: $10 million

19% PNG and Pacific
22% Timor-Leste
21% Program support 

5% Community education

Program expenditure graph

Code of conduct

As a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, we are committed to high standards in financial reporting, management and ethical practice. Further information on the code and its complaints handling procedure is available at

WaterAid Australia’s Constitution is available by clicking here.

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