Our programmatic approach consists of a coherent package of service delivery and advocacy activities, delivered in partnership, at all levels – from community to national and international levels.

These should be based on a critical analysis of WASH in the specific context of each country. The combined activities should be designed as a holistic package to address blockages and take advantage of opportunities to achieve the greatest possible gains in sustainable WASH coverage and quality.

Transformational change can only be achieved by addressing the causes of the WASH crisis. Programmes must be based on a critical and continuous analysis of the situation of WASH rights and access. We must clearly define the changes we want to achieve at all levels and in each context, selecting the timing and nature of our interventions to maximise the prospects of achieving that change.

Building blocks of our programmatic approach

Our global and country strategies set out strategic aims and objectives to articulate the specific changes we are working to achieve over five years that will contribute to achieving our vision of universal access. These strategies form the basis of WaterAid’s programmatic approach.

Essential elements of our programmatic approach

* Ongoing analysis – local and national policy/capacity context

* Service delivery with partners – building capacity, demonstrating solutions

* Influencing and advocacy to achieve improvements at scale

* Learning, improving and developing capacity

* Ensuring organisational capacity to deliver transformational change