256 million
inWest Africa
don't have a decent toilet

256 million people vs 0 decent toilets.

That’s a score we can’t accept. Clean water and decent toilets are a human right, yet 256 million people in West Africa – 64% – have no access to a proper toilet.

World leaders have signed up to a set of global goals that guarantee these basics for everyone, but their deadline is 2030.

It’s just past half-time in the match to achieve these goals and governments are falling foul. With climate change and future pandemics making the challenge even harder, we need an urgent change of tactics to win.

And we know we can, because progress has already been made. Since 2010, 59 million people in West Africa have gained access to a decent toilet. With the right team, we can make that everyone.

Will you help #ChangeTheScore with a winning goal for decent toilets and clean water for all?

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