When you support our work, we make a promise: to share stories of the people transforming their lives with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, because of you.

Ever wondered how we collect many of those stories? We have a team of seven dedicated Voices from the Field officers.

Local to the countries where we work around the world, they regularly gather photos, films and interviews from the communities you’re supporting – no matter how remote the location. The results are always remarkable.

Why are our photos so important to us?

Meet the team:

Storytelling: exploring hidden worlds

The stories that the Voices from the Field officers gather from around the world are sometimes difficult stories to tell, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes about themselves, but always unique.

Read on for a few stories written by our officers:

A blog by Basile to highlight the plight of sanitation workers to mark World Toilet Day

And just a couple of the COVID-19 lockdown diaries where we get an insight into the officers’ own lives


Seven reasons why we love our Voices from the Field officers

From building brilliant relationships to being passionate about passing on their skills, these are the things we love most about our Voices from the Field team.

James gives copies of his photos to Lillian and Helen in Uganda.
Image: WaterAid

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