Sustainable and safe water, sanitation and hygiene are important to live a full and healthy life. As simple as it sounds, it is not the case for many Pakistanis who are deprived of safe WASH despite it being a basic necessity of life. WaterAid’s mission continues till the day everyone, everywhere has access to safe WASH.

Changing weather patterns and climate change have a profound impact on WASH and public health. Evidence indicates that climate change will exacerbate the WASH related health issues in the future. If so, this can undermine Pakistan’s ability to meet the SDG-6 targets and cope with the situation because of its increasing urban population, evolving demography, economic conditions, health indicators, and its vulnerability to climatic conditions.


people lack access to clean water close to home.

Females in Thatta
Image: WaterAid/ Arshad Ali

67 million

people lack decent toilets.

Ruqqa, 12, in front of the washroom in her house in the village of Allah Sajan Khaskheli, Union Council Doomani Taluka, District Thatta, Province Sindh, Pakistan, July 2017.
Image: WaterAid/ Sibtain Haider


of the population lack a handwashing facility with soap and water.

Najma (9) washes her hands with soap; using water from a newly installed WaterAid supported WASH facilities in Mohammad Nohrio village in Badin District, Sindh Province Pakistan.
Image: WaterAid/ Asad Zaidi

Since 2006

WaterAid in Pakistan have remained focused on tackling issues of water, sanitation and hygiene that affect people's everyday lives.

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Clean water, proper sanitation and good hygiene help everyone around the world live happy and healthy lives.


Let's make this normal for everyone, everywhere, always.