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Keeping promises report 11 Feb 2013 | Countries: UK | Authors: Joanna Esteves Mills and John Garrett

Keeping promises provides in-depth analysis of budgeting, spending and funding gaps on WASH and identifies bottlenecks that are common across the five countries.
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Mid Term review of PCD 11 Feb 2013 | Countries: UK | Authors: Chris Stalker and Steve Tibbett

Mid-term review of the work of WaterAid's UK policy and campaigns department (PCD).
We can't wait

We can't wait 19 Nov 2013 | WaterAid

We Can’t Wait makes it clear that a collaborative approach between governments, civil society and business is essential to getting the Millennium Development Goal for sanitation target back on track. This is critical to improving the health and prosperity of women worldwide.

This report is available in English and French.

Front page of World Water Day update

World Water Day 2013 in Nigeria 31 Jul 2013 | WaterAid Nigeria

In 2013, we joined thousands worldwide to highlight the global Keep Your Promises campaign which calls on decision makers to keep the various pledges they have made on water and sanitation. We took part in a walk for water and sanitation and other exciting activities. Read more in our special supplement.