Over 21 million people in Bangladesh lack access to an improved water source.

38% don't have access to improved sanitation in Bangladesh, over 66 million people.

Over 4,100 children under five years old die from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation in Bangladesh.

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MoU signing ceremony between Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) and WaterAid Bangladesh for the National Hygiene Survey 2017 13 Jun 2017

WaterAid and the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) on June 13, 2017 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on conducting the Bangladesh National Hygiene Survey 2017. This exceptional collaboration will aim to explore the overall hygiene situation of the country as well as monitor the progress of Hygiene related indicators related to the SDGs and the 7th Five Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh.

The team to represent Bangladesh in Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2017 10 Jun 2017

The team to represent Bangladesh in Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2017 was awarded as Champion for the national part of the selection process in a modest ceremony held on 10 June 2017 at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro, Dhaka. Their project was on using titanium dioxide photocatalyst in degradation of industrial dyes. The project is designed to be cheap, feasible and an effective method of industrial greywater treatment.

WaterAid and Coca-Cola Bangladesh launched Climate Resilient Sanitation Facilities in Schools project 24 Apr 2017

WaterAid Bangladesh and Coca-Cola Bangladesh on 24 April 2017 launched a project to build climate resilient sanitation facilities in secondary schools of Shyamnagar under Satkhira district in the Southwest region of Bangladesh. The project aims to raise awareness in the community about water, sanitation and hygiene and will directly impact 18,000 school students and 5,000 people living in the school vicinities.

Watershed – Empowering Citizens programme launched in Bangladesh 28 Mar 2017

Watershed – Empowering Citizens, a five-year long policy and advocacy strengthening programme, was launched today in Dhaka on 28 March 2017. The progamme aims to improve governance for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and integrated water resource management (IWRM) through strengthening civil society organisations so that all citizens, including the most marginalised, can benefit from sustainable services.

3rd Bangladesh Convention on Rainwater Harvesting 9 Mar 2017

WaterAid Bangladesh in collaboration with International Training Network (ITN-BUET), Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and RAiN Form has organised the 3rd Bangladesh Convention on Rainwater Harvesting (RWH). The day-long convention took place on 9 March 2017 at city's Lakeshore Hotel with the aim of promoting rainwater harvesting as a sustainable solution to water scarcity, and explore ideas, technological potentials, practices and experiences on RWH.

The fastest growing megacity Dhaka gets three more public toilets 10 Jan 2017

As an ongoing initiative under the SUNRISE project, WaterAid Bangladesh in association with Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has launched three more modern public toilets at Muktangon Park, Tejgaon Truck Stand and Panthakunja Park of the capital.

FSM Convention 2016 explores new horizon in development 11 Dec 2016

'FSM Convention 2016' with the slogan "Faecal Sludge management: New Frontier in Development" was organised by Bangladesh Faecal Sludge Management (FSM Network) to share, learn and highlight national work and progress on FSM. The daylong conference took place on 8 December 2016 at the city's LGED Auditorium of LGED Bhaban, with the aim of ensuring a safe and sustainable FSM system in Bangladesh for improved public health and living environment for all by 2030.

international training on faecal sludge and septage management 27 Nov 2016

WaterAid Bangladesh in collaboration with Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India and International Training Network Centre of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (ITN-BUET) announcing the opportunity to get an international training on ‘Faecal Sludge and Septage Management’ for the first time in Bangladesh.

Mayor Annisul Huq inaugurates public toilet with a mural, first of its kind in Bangladesh 10 Nov 2016

WaterAid Bangladesh in association with Dhaka North City Corporation has launched another three modern public toilets at city’s busiest area Firmgate, Mohakhali and Shyamoli. Honorable Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation Mr. Annisul Huq inaugurated these modern sanitation facilities on 10 November, 2016, Thursday, which are funded by H&M Foundation. The public toilet in the Firmgate area is ornamented with a beautiful mural which is first of its kind in Bangladesh.

500 drinking water fountains with modern public toilets are coming, announced Mayor Sayeed Khokon 31 Oct 2016

Mohammad Sayeed Khokon, Honorable Mayor, Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) announced that, 500 drinking water fountains to be set up in important places of the city along with modern public toilets while inaugurating two more public toilets in Osmani Uddyan. These public toilets has been launched by WaterAid Bangladesh and H&M Foundation in association with Dhaka South City Corporation. Mr. Johan Frisell, Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden and Dr Md Khairul Islam, Country Director, WaterAid Bangladesh were also present in the inauguration ceremony.

WaterAid opens another 4 public toilets in the city 22 Aug 2016

WaterAid Bangladesh in association with Dhaka South City Corporation has launched another four public toilets in the city. These H&M Foundation funded toilets have been built at Bahdur Shah Park, Sayedabad Bus Terminal and Municipality Filling Station. Sayeed Khokon, Mayor, Dhaka South City Corporation has inaugurated these modern sanitation facilities today.

Modest inauguration of Public Toilet at Gas Station held yesterday! 22 Aug 2016

The model of private sector engagement for better sanitation started to roll formally from yesterday. WaterAid Bangladesh in association with Dhaka North City Corporation has inaugurated a modern public toilet at Zaman Filling Station in the capital, funded by H&M Foundation, on Sunday.

Sneak peek of a Public Toilet at Gas Station – first of its kind! 25 Jul 2016

WaterAid Bangladesh aims to transform the public toilet services of Dhaka city through construction/renovation of public toilets and development of sustainable operation and management models under its project of Stimulating Urban Norms for Rigorous Improvement in the Sanitation Environment (SUNRISE).

International Training on Urban Rainwater Harvesting System 24 May 2016

WaterAid Bangladesh in collaboration with Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India is going offer its sixth batch of training programme in Bangladesh.

The course is for civil engineers, architects, environmentalists, urban planners, policy-makers and development practitioners who have an interest in the theory, practice and policies of rainwater harvesting system.

CBA10 Youth Conference wraps up 28 Apr 2016

Climate change has a huge impact in Bangladesh in terms of loss and damage. To address this issue, youth are the key for community based adaption to climate Change as they are almost half of the part of population in Bangladesh. This is the thinking of youth and organizers of the conference titled ‘Youth Conference on Community Based Adaptation (YCBA)’ held at North South University from 26 to 27 April.

DNCC Mayor assures a changed Dhaka within next 3 years 18 Apr 2016

Dhaka North City Corporation- DNCC’s Honorable Mayor Mr. Annisul Huq Inaugurated two newly made public toilets today. This is in continuation of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed among Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka North City Corporation, Dhaka WASA and Water Aid Bangladesh to ensure health care by the proper use of public toilets. H&M Conscious Foundation and WaterAid Bangladesh provided financial and technical assistance to this.

Municipalities to respond to the WASH and health needs of the citizens 9 Apr 2016

A policy dialogue titled "Liveable Cities, Healthy Citizens: How can City Governments Improve Urban Health?" participated by Mayors, Councillors and professionals from over fifty municipalities explored the role of municipalities to respond to the WASH and health need of the citizens.

3rd Bangladesh convention on rainwater harvesting 4 Apr 2016

Water resources and water quality in Bangladesh are under increasing stress due to ever-increasing demand by the growing population as well as industrial activities, adverse impacts of climate change and inappropriate land use and waste management, resulting in loss/pollution of water bodies and wet lands.

MOU signed between Shornokishoree and WaterAid Bangladesh 7 Feb 2016

The topic of menstruation is cloaked with secrecy and negativity in Bangladesh, and associated with cultural and religious taboos. Aiming at breaking the silence around the discourse, WaterAid Bangladesh signed a MOU with the largest Adolescent Health Network of the country ‘Shorno Kishoree’.

Dissemination of National Hygiene Promotion Strategy 2012 at the national level 13 Dec 2015

Water Aid Bangladesh once again embarked on a successful national dissemination workshop jointly organised by Policy Support Unit (PSU) of Bangladesh in cooperation with UKAid in the capital’s one of the most popular international conference centre. The event marks on the Dissemination of National Hygiene Promotion Strategy 2012 at the national level; having completed dissemination at the divisional, district, upazila and union level.

Talk show on NTV- WASH and Nutrition in Bangladesh 26 Dec 2015

Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with clean water, sanitation and hygiene. Malnutrition is not only due to lack of nutritious food; it can be exacerbated by parasites and bacteria or even pathogens found in food and water. Unsafe water and poor sanitation, or lack of proper hygiene, undermine nutrition causing illnesses like diarrhea and dysentery which forces nutrients out of the body.

Mayor Sayeed Khokon inaugurates the public toilet construction at Pathnakunja in Dhaka 25 Jun 2015

Honourable Mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation Sayeed Khokon inaugurates a public toilet construction at Pathnakunja, one of the busiest place in Dhaka today. He says, “we will develop a planned public sanitation system in city for all inhabitants of Dhaka especially for pedestrians, commuters and women, especially for those who passes a long time in city’s streets due to heavy traffic”.

Sanitation Conference Bangladesh: A journey towards ZERO 30 Jul 2015

The Sanitation Secretariat of Bangladesh in association with WaterAid, UNICEF, SIMAVI, SNV, Practical Action Bangladesh and Plan International is pleased to announce the call for abstract for the ‘Journey to ZERO: Sanitation Conference’. The conference will be held on 3 and 4 October 2015 at Lakeshore Hotel, House 46, Road 41, Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

WaterAid joins hand with Shorno Kishoree to promote menstrual hygiene 4 May 2015

Despite menstruation being a natural aspect of health and life, the social stigma and silence surrounding the topic means women and girls all over the world have to find ways to manage their menstruation with limited means and support every day, impacting their productivity, privacy and well-being.

WaterAid Bangladesh marks International Womens Day 8 Mar 2015

WaterAid Bangladesh marks the International Women's Day 2015 with a TV spot shedding light on women’s difficulties outdoor in absence of decent public toilets in the city that adversely affect on women’s progress.