Ending extreme poverty and creating a healthier, more prosperous future cannot be done without clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene.

Working with Andrex®, the nation’s favourite toilet tissue brand, and Kimberly-Clark Professional*, a leading provider of hygiene, safety and productivity solutions, WaterAid is providing new and improved public sanitation facilities in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Poor access to safe, private toilets means people often have no choice but to go outside, increasing the spread of potentially fatal diseases because of the lack of sewerage. People also often wait until night for more privacy, putting them at risk of harassment and even attack.

Andrex® and Kimberly-Clark Professional* have committed to donating at least $170,000 to WaterAid in 2017. So when you buy a special WaterAid pack of Andrex® Gentle Clean 4 Roll, 9 Roll and 16 Roll in Tesco between 1 April-31 December 2017, Andrex® will donate 1p for every £1 spent.

Andrex packaging with WaterAid branding

This will help improve sanitation facilities and raise awareness of good hygiene practices in local communities in Dhaka.

The partnership means we'll be able to transform the lives of people like Sony, who lives in one of the city's slums.

Sony collects water from a pump in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Sony collects water from a pump in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

"In our community we have three toilets but they aren’t very clean because everyone here uses them," says Sony. "I'm not comfortable using them."

"Public toilets should have soap and a clean water supply, and should be clean. We’d love to have that sort of toilet."

The new project aims to ensure there will be 100,000 visits to clean and safe public toilets in Dhaka within the first 12 months of the programme.

Look out for the special packs in Tesco and visit Andrex's website for more information >