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Souleymane has Something to Celebrate | The day clean water arrives in a community | WaterAid

Souleymane has something to celebrate

The day clean water arrives in a community

Photo Credit: WaterAid/Mali

He’s a man with a job to do: keep his town’s water flowing.

Souleymane is a carpenter by trade. But since WaterAid to installed a lifechanging water tower, he now has a second job as Samabogo’s coolest water mechanic.

If a water system is broken, often someone must travel from far away to fix it, which is time consuming and costly, says Souleymane. "It's important that someone in the community can be able to fix it."

"Now we've got clean water. I stand up on the tower and I'm happy.”

Let's keep the water flowing

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About WaterAid

Did you know that over the past 40 years, WaterAid has reached nearly 29 million people with clean water? It's all thanks to people like you.

Below, you will read about five more people whose lives you’ve helped change for the better.

In the mountain villages of Timor-Leste, it can take up to three hours a day to collect clean water. In Leotela, the construction of new water taps throughout the village now means that residents don’t have to travel far to a water source and can build a better life for themselves and the next generation.

“We used to go down to the source and carry the water back home, but this year it is good because the water is close to our house. I can plant many trees and a small garden. I use the water to water all of it. I feel like my grandchildren’s lives will be better than ours because they can focus on their studies, not losing time collecting water.”
Ama Isabel with her granddaughter Bina | Timor-Leste

A new solar-powered water system at the Worikambo Health Centre pipes clean water directly into rooms without costly electricity bills. The installation of disability friendly toilets, sinks and bathrooms also helped improve patient care and continues to prevent infections.

“Not having water led to infections. Poor sterilization led to more infections. Having clean water in the facility has helped improve my job. I am able to practice at the standard we are supposed to, and it has given me confidence in what I do. The patients are very happy. They are pleased with the facilities and they can protect themselves from disease when they come here.”
Bukari Sulemana, Physician | Ghana

“For many years, I have struggled to get water. I travel miles to get water or call on children in the neighborhood to help. I am happy that today the story is different. We have a community where the aged like me don’t have to travel miles just to get water. I can now water my garden where I grow kayan miya (vegetables), even during the dry season.”
Amina aka Mama Tatali, 98 | Nigeria

The lack of climate-resilient infrastructure meant that the remote village of Kaliganj would often lose access to clean water due to flash floods, tidal surges, and intense winds during tropical cyclones. A new underground rainwater reservoir and three new sanitation facilities means that local children can focus on their classes.

"We had no hygienic toilets before, and no facilities for drinking safe water or washing our hands. My classmates and I always avoided the only toilet we had, which was unhygienic. WaterAid built two separate spaces for boys and girls, which is a great help. Now that we have safe drinking water and a sanitary toilet, we can continue our education without interruption or sickness.
Afsana, 14 | Bangladesh

The renovation of the water supply system led to new drinking water stations and toilet facilities for four schools in the Lahan municipality of Nepal. Students can concentrate on their education, and the dropout rate has reduced. In fact, enrollment has increased thanks to the new facilities.

“Having clean drinking water and decent toilets means students like me can concentrate on our studies in a healthy environment. We don’t need to worry. We will no longer get sick due to unsafe water and dirty toilets. When we are healthy and happy, we will definitely improve in our studies. Once we improve our studies, our future is secured.”
Arbind, 17 | Nepal

Millions more stories like these five exist because of you, so let's celebrate these wins today! And tomorrow, the work continues in the mission to reach everyone, everywhere with clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

These stories right here? That's the power of clean water.

Thank you for being part of it.