Current Appeals

It takes a village

It takes a village to deliver clean water

School children smiling as they celebrate their new water system at school, Bugesera district, Rwanda | WaterAid
WaterAid/Bernard Abu Mutijima

Water is Life

Keeping patients safe despite all odds

WaterAid/ Etinosa Yvonne
"We've seen a drastic reduction in sepsis cases.  Lives are saved." Mary, nurse and midwife.
WaterAid/Dennis Lupenga


Clean water and handwashing save lives - yet 3 billion people cannot wash their hands at home. Can you help?

WaterAid/ Guilhem Alandry

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Tribute donations

Are you donating in honor of someone?

WaterAid/ Guilhem Alandry

Community Challenges

WaterAid supporters climb Mount Kilimanjaro in support of WaterAid

Choose a challenge

Will you help students take on the challenge of a lifetime? They'll be taking on physical challenges--from Machu Picchu to Everest  - will you support their fundraising?

WaterAid LemonAid


No longer just for Beyonce. Our LemonAid project quenches the world's thirst, one "LemonAid" stand at a time!

Past Appeals

"We've seen a drastic reduction in sepsis cases.  Lives are saved." Mary, nurse and midwife.
WaterAid/Dennis Lupenga

Water is Life

Water is Life looked at the work of medical staff who keep patients safe against all odds. 

WaterAid/ Vlad Sokhin

When the water runs dry

See how changing weather patterns are affecting Felisberta and her community

Backpacks not buckets | WaterAid
WaterAid/Ernest Randriarimalala

Thirst for Knowledge

Girls should carry backpacks, not buckets. In 80% of households in the developing world, girls have to walk hours every day to collect water. This keeps girls from school and keeps generations of women trapped in a cycle of poverty. Can you unlock her potential?

Wards without water | WaterAid
WaterAid/Denis Lupenga

No water on the frontlines

As we grappled with COVID-19, WaterAid worked to equip frontline workers with running water to keep health centers clean for all of us. 

WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala

Access denied

9 villages, 9 schools and 2 healthcare centers: we had big plans in the winter of 2019.

Giving Tuesday 2019 | WaterAid
WaterAid/Sarah Kershaw

Giving Tuesday 2019

Giving Tuesday is the cornerstone of our winter fundraising efforts. It can make or break a project.

WaterAid/ Guilhem Alandry

Clean water in clinics

Our summer appeal went straight to the heart of health care clinics in Mali.

Students at the Totcomana School.
WaterAid/Nat Fernandes

Let Kids Learn

Our 2018 winter appeal focused on 29 schools in rural communities in Nicaragua and Colombia.

WaterAid/ Chileshe Chanda

Tap the sun

Our summer 2018 appeal, utilizing solar power to equip Chicoma, Mozambique with clean water.

Boy collecting water from the new tap in a community in Timor-Leste

Light the World

WaterAid is a proud partner of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Young girl washing her hands | WaterAid
WaterAid/Sibtain Haider

Zakat (Zakah)

Your zakat transforms lives around the world with clean water and decent toilets.