Together we can unlock people’s potential with clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Without all three, people can’t live dignified, healthy lives. With all three, they are empowered and independent.  They can unlock their potential, break free from poverty, and change their lives for good.

With clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene, children are born healthier. They get the chance to go to school, and grow up to become educated adults. Women and men get to earn a living. Whole communities start to thrive, in terms of health and economically.

Installing taps and toilets is essential, but we do so much more. To make lasting change happen on a massive scale we:

  • Influence governments to change laws
  • Link national and international policy makers with people on the ground
  • Change attitudes and behaviors
  • Work with others to pool knowledge and resources
  • Rally support from people and organisations around the world

There are over 29 million stories we could tell about the impact of clean water, decent toilets and hygiene.
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We owe you some thanks

Thank you to all our supporters and partners - your support changes lives and makes a lasting difference.

WaterAid/ Nana Kofi Acquah

We have the commitment, experience, resourcefulness and connections to change millions more lives – until everyone, everywhere has what so many of us take for granted.

We started because no charity like us existed. We’ll end when no charity like us is needed. Together we can get there within a generation.

Improved impact count

2017 - 18

In 2017 we changed the way we measured the impact of our work, to provide more transparency about the types of projects we undertake and the end users. 


Healthcare centers

Clean water

971,000 people will have clean water in healthcare centers

Decent toilets

868,000 people now have decent toilets in their healthcare center

Hygiene education

950,000 people received hygiene education and facilities


Clean water

148,000 students will enjoy clean water at school

Decent toilets

151,000 students now have decent toilets at school

Hygiene education

198,000 students received hygiene education and supplies


Clean water

321,000 people now have clean water at home

Decent toilets

405,000 people now have decent toilets at home

Hygiene education

1,433,000 people received hygiene education and supplies

In 2016 - 17

We reached 1.5 million people with clean water

We reached 2.3 million people with decent toilets

We reached 3.2 million people with hygiene education