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Are you looking to take action following a corporate water risk assessment?  Are you new to WASH* and need help navigating the best way to make an impact? Wherever your company is on its water journey, we can work with you.

Since 1981, WaterAid has reached 29 million people with clean water – but by joining forcing with the private sector, we can do so much more together. With your value chains and consumers extending into the farthest corners of the globe, your companies are uniquely placed to play a pivotal role in solving the water crisis.

Partnering with WaterAid enables your business to fulfill sustainability and corporate social responsibility commitments, directly benefiting your own operations while positively transforming lives both within and beyond the fence line. By prioritizing WASH, businesses like yours not only enhance their bottom line but also contribute to social and economic development in priority markets.

Access to WASH produces a positive return on investment for businesses. Clean water and sanitation leads to:

  • Improved employee health and well-being
  • Reduced absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Increased efficiency, leading to increased productivity

Check out our groundbreaking Boosting Business research to learn more.

  1. WaterAid is a recognized thought leader on the business case for WASH. Our partners benefit from the latest thinking on how WASH interventions can fulfill sustainability commitments and address core business risks. 
  2. WaterAid has a global presence with a deep understanding of local operating contexts and extensive relationships with local partners and influential stakeholders. Our expertise translates to concrete action with both bespoke and "shovel-ready" projects that guarantee sustainable return on investment.
  3. Partnerships with WaterAid deliver shared value. We help companies like yours fulfill ESG commitments around water, climate resilience, and other co-benefits like gender and health, while meeting the basic needs of communities within corporate supply chains and operational footprints.
  4. WaterAid has robust reporting systems in place to track the effectiveness of our work to close the WASH access gap. This means that our corporate partners gain a clear understanding of how their investment delivers quantifiable impact for households, communities and watersheds.
  5. WaterAid offers diverse partnership solutions to meet your unique needs. These include program co-creation for on-the-ground impact, employee engagement for workplace enrichment, cause marketing demonstrating corporate commitment to sustainability, and joint thought leadership and advocacy to influence policies and improve the enabling environment for WASH action


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Where we work


We are active in 22 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, with offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Japan.

The company we keep

A spotlight on some of our corporate partners

Our portfolio of corporate partnerships spans many sectors, including food and beverage, apparel, agribusiness, tech and fast-moving consumer goods. From regional advocacy initiatives to multi-year water infrastructure projects, no two partnerships are alike, but they are all share a common vision: ending the global water crisis.

The Pepsi Co Foundation logo

PepsiCo Foundation

Since 2017, WaterAid has partnered with PepsiCo Foundation to support clean water initiatives and hygiene education. Our work together now extends across three continents, with active projects in India, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Nigeria, as well as in Colombia via IADB’s AquaFund.

The VF Foundation

The VF Foundation

WaterAid and VF Corporation first joined forces in 2020 to improve access to WASH services for workers in nine factories across three Cambodian provinces. Since then, the VF Foundation has joined along to complement the work being done to champion sustainable, climate-resilient water, sanitation and hygiene services for factory workers and marginalized communities in Cambodia.

Microsoft logo


WaterAid partners with Microsoft in India and Nigeria to drive progress on the company’s ambitious water replenishment and water and sanitation access targets globally. These projects incorporate locally appropriate solutions that help communities adapt to climate change, building resilience and ensuring the sustainability of water resources.

The Water Resilience Coalition logo

Water Resilience Coalition

The private sector can move progress on SDG 6 forward faster by working together. In partnership with the Water Resilience Coalition, an initiative of the CEO Water Mandate, and founding donors Gap Inc., Cargill, and GSK, WaterAid leads the Women + Water Collaborative: India, an ambitious collective action partnership that centers women as key agents of change to improve equitable and climate-resilient access to water and sanitation in their communities.

Driving positive change in India, the Pepsi Co partnership with WaterAid
At PepsiCo, we believe water is a fundamental human right and that access to safe water is one of the most urgent global challenges.

Roberta Barbieri, PepsiCo Vice President, Global Sustainability

Our corporate partners

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Employee engagement and other ways to get involved

Employee engagement

Your employees bring passion and skills integral to achieving our mission of reaching everyone, everywhere with clean water, decent toilets and hygiene.

We offer opportunities to mobilize employees and advance professional development goals while solving one of the world's most difficult challenges.

Scale a mountain like this group here - all for a good cause | WaterAid
Image: WaterAid

Payroll giving

Tax-deductible and effective: put your impact on autopilot, and we'll do the rest.

Pre-tax pay-roll giving creates more moments like this above, people turning on taps for the first time at school, at home and in health care centers.

Something to celebrate: the day clean water arrives in a community. In this photo it is a small community in Ethiopia. Photo Credit: Joey Lawrence
Image: WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

Incorporating social impact has become a must-have not a nice-to-have. Providing access to clean water is the number one cause that global consumers care about.

Our brand partnerships are a force for good, propelling social progress, fostering sustainable practices and bringing people together.

The Balance Challenge | Diageo + WaterAid's instagram filter to encourage responsible drinking
Image: WaterAid

Meet our corporate partnerships team

Our partnerships team can help make your partnership ideas a reality. From employee engagement, to brand partnerships, the team collectively has a wide range of experiences building bespoke partnerships that suit your goals. Whether water stewardship in the workplace, to team building via employee events, we can help.

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Sarah Dobsevage | WaterAid

Sarah Dobsevage

Managing Director of Partnerships

Based in New York, Sarah has been working in international development for twnty years and since 2007, has helped WaterAid America grow into the organization it is today. She is a graduate of Columbia University and is motivated by trying to level the playing field by re-distributing resources to people and places that need them. 

Julie Giragosian, Corporate Development Manager | WaterAid

Julie Giragosian

Manager, Corporate Development

Julie is a special events fundraiser and joined WaterAid in 2020. Before WaterAid, Julie worked for the eastern Massachusetts chapter of Big Brother and Big Sisters and the Boys and Girls Club of Boston. Julie has a BA in Entrepenurial Leaderships from Tufts University. Julie is based in Vermont. 

Elise Moylan | WaterAid

Elise Moylan

Interim Director of Partnerships

Based in Washington, D.C., Elise has nearly twenty years of experience in the nonprofit sector and international development. A graduate of Duke University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, she has had the opportunity to work for organizations ranging from small, community-based nonprofits to large-scale global NGOs.

Nefertiti Saleh, Strategic Partnerships Director | WaterAid

Nefertiti Saleh

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Before embarking on a career in international development, Nefertiti has lived and worked abroad in Africa and Asia. She is a graduate from Bishop’s University and has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. In her current role Nefertiti is responsible for overseeing our corporate engagement strategy and works closely with partners to support their priorities.

Juan Victor Seminario, Strategic Partnerships Manager

Juan Victor Seminario

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Juan-Victor has more than 13 years of experience in international development. As Manager of Philanthropy and Partnerships, he is responsible for overseeing WaterAid's relationships with key partners. He has a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Claremont McKenna College, a MBA from the Tecnologico de Monterrey and a MAM from Yale’s School of Management.

Gillian Winkler, Partnerships Director | WaterAid

Gillian Winkler

Director, Partnerships

Gillian joined WaterAid in 2022 and has built on her strong background of building successful partnerships in the water industry, from her time at Safe Water Network. An international development professional, Gillian has worked in Egypt, Argentina, Lebanon, China, Ghana and India. She graduated from the University of Washington with an MPA in International Development and Social Enterprise.