Building partnerships with purpose

We focus on clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene – the three essentials that unlock progress for people, communities and economies worldwide.

Delivering Sustainable Development Goal Six by 2030 is going to demand new approaches, huge resourcefulness and genuine innovation.

That's why we develop partnerships with companies whose values align with ours.

With huge benefits for your company and the chance to transform lives, there are lots of great reasons to start a partnership with WaterAid.

Why partner with us?

Work with us to develop tailored partnerships that deliver shared value. From working within your supply chain to delivering on CSR values, we love co-creating and innovating with the private sector. 

Learn about the business case for investing in WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). 

We collaborate to improve local water and sanitation infrastructure and the lives and livelihoods of people where your business operates. Learn more

Mobilize your employees with our innovative approach to employee engagement and development. Learn more about the many ways we can support your employee engagement program here

  • 76% of U.S. millennials would take a pay cut to find work that matches their values (Cone)

Incorporating social impact has become a must-have not a nice-to-have.

  • Providing access to clean water is the number one cause global consumers care about (Nielsen, Global CSR Survey).

  • WaterAid is seen as the number one organization associated with work on access to water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries (Phar).

Read our report about the intersection of water issues and climate change and learn how your enterprise can be part of the solution. Read it now!

Students washing their hands in the washing station in Kushadevi, Kavre, Nepal, January 2018.
HSBC employees trek 100km in Greenland in support of WaterAid. Photo: Scott Pendrey

WaterAid was set up by the private sector: water industry companies came together to support an organization focused on water, sanitation and hygiene. Collaboration with companies is part of our history and at the heart of what we do.

We are looking for relationships that can grow over time, with people and organizations who share our vision. And we want to build unique partnerships that deliver great value for everyone.

Your company will benefit from WaterAid's 35+ year history of working with companies to build partnerships and transform lives. 

Driving change in India with the PepsiCo Foundation

"At PepsiCo, we believe water is a fundamental human right and that access to safe water is one of the most urgent global challenges."


Partnership Highlights

We love finding new ways to work together with the private sector to end the global water crisis. Learn more about some of our partnerships below.