WaterAid has partnered with the PepsiCo Foundation since 2017 to create immediate and long-term positive change in communities around the globe. In five countries over three continents the partnership is tailored to address sustainability and community investment priorities, providing a foundation for scale for the future.​ 

Key pillars of WaterAid's work with the PepsiCo Foundation include:

​Empowering Women – Access to WASH eliminates time-consuming water collection, a burden on women. It allows girls to stay in school and opens up new opportunities for women.​

​Building Resilience – Access to WASH helps communities respond and recover when faced with natural disasters, and ensures a steady supply of clean water, rain or shine. ​

​Protecting Children – Access to WASH leads to better health, which means reduced child mortality and stunting. Children are healthy enough to learn and miss fewer days of school.

The impact:

$11 million
invested in water, sanitation and hygiene access

PepsiCo Foundation
Image: Srishti Bhardwaj

people reached with clean water since 2017

PepsiCo Foundation
Image: Dhiraj Singh

18.5 million
liters of rainwater harvested

PepsiCo Foundation
Image: Sibtain Haider
As a food and beverage company, PepsiCo is acutely aware of the critical role water plays in the food system, and our vision is that wherever in the world PepsiCo operates, water resources will be in a better state because of our presence. This project is a testament to that ambition and supports the health and wellbeing of communities and opens new opportunities through improved standards of living.
Chris Wijnterp, General Manager at PepsiCo Foods Ethiopia

Where We Work

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About The PepsiCo Foundation

At the heart of the PepsiCo Foundation is our belief in the potential possessed by the people and communities we serve. There are far too many communities around the world, however, that are systemically excluded from access to the essential resources they need to grow, prosper and thrive — like nutritious food, safe water and economic opportunity. That is why the PepsiCo Foundation’s work focuses on the creation of sustainable and innovative solutions to these three critical socioeconomic issues. We know that by alleviating the stress and strain of these barriers, we come one step closer to creating a more equitable world for all.