Total sanitation coverage in East Asia

Cover of Total sanitation coverage in East Asia

Total sanitation coverage in East Asia

This research paper sets out some findings from ongoing research in East Asian states on the political economy of sanitation and hygiene services that delivered total coverage within a generation. 

These conclusions are not intended to claim blueprints for success but rather to input into the emerging dialogue in the sanitation and hygiene sectors on how the necessary step change for delivering universal access to services can be achieved by 2030.

Case study data

WaterAid contracted a research consultant to conduct fieldwork in the three case-study countries of Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. The information he found is presented in the three research reports below. 

The research used a combination of archival searches for legislation, speeches, press and official documentation, as well as key informant interviews and data analysis. WaterAid analysed this data to produce the synthesis paper above.

Information about Thailand was taken from earlier research commissioned by WaterAid, also available below.