We collaborate with local partners to deliver services to some of the poorest people in Nepal. We work with local and national governments to support the rights of marginalised people, maximising the impact of our work and improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene.
Map showing the areas where WaterAid works in Nepal.


WaterAid Nepal has more than 20 years experience carrying out water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in Nepal’s rural areas, in both the hills and the plains. We aim to work in areas with the lowest water and sanitation coverage, to help those communities who for reasons like remote location, ethnicity, caste and economic status, have limited access to services. These people are not only poor, but also vulnerable to diseases.

We work through long-time partner, Nepal Water For Health (NEWAH), to provide services and develop solutions for long lasting change. Our partners use a long-standing formula; a village with low water and sanitation coverage is chosen, a feasibility survey is conducted and once funds are available intervention in the community begins with hygiene awareness work, which over time helps everyone have access to improved toilet and helps to transform the village. After this, a water supply is delivered to the community and maintained by local people and monitored by us for up to 20 years.


WaterAid Nepal is among a small number of organisations that carries out water and sanitation work in urban areas in Nepal and our experience is recognised in the sector.

Our focus is on the urban poor, especially those living in slums, squatters and on the peripheries of towns. Often, it is these communities who have neither the voice, nor the means to access local services and as a result these people are regularly affected by waterborne and sanitation-related diseases.

We work to build the capacity of our partners to ensure water quality and safety, develop new tools, support schools, attract government funding and look at the wider issues associated with water and sanitation like menstrual hygiene management and access for people with disabilities.

WaterAid Nepal contributes to advocacy work in the country’s biggest cities, with a focus on declaring these areas open defecation free (ODF), building and maintaining public toilets, and the extraction of groundwater, a fast depleting resource.

We have also recently started work into disaster risk reduction work in some flood-prone areas, engagement with academic institutions like Kathmandu University to organise training courses and the introduction of micro-finance schemes as a way to help communities save money.

Influencing and advocacy

We advocate for rights and equity to amplify our message about water, sanitation and hygiene across the country. We organise local and national events to highlight campaign themes like school sanitation and menstrual hygiene management.

In the future, WaterAid Nepal plans to run local regional and national campaigns on sector financing, water rights and conflict issues. We will also continue to strengthen our work with the media around the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene for economic livelihood, health, tourism education and overall development.

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