Please pay in your Jars of Change collection. Together we can end the arduous journeys girls like Neny face to collect water.  

If you were one of the many churches who collected Jars of Change during Lent, thank you. 

As soon as we receive your donations we can put them to work in communities like Neny’s. Not only will access to taps and toilets mean the end of long, unnecessary walks to collect water every day, it will also mean girls like Neny will no longer miss school. They won’t be ill from drinking unsafe water and they will be able to look forward to a happier, healthier future.

Please pay in these life changing donations online or using this paying in form today.

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Last year, churches across the UK helped bring clean water to Emeldah from Zambia, a young girl who, like Neny, used to spend her days trekking across hot and dusty plans to fetch filthy water. But now Emeldah’s community has clean water in their village and Emeldah is able to spend her free time playing with friends and doing her homework.

Last Lent...

Last Lent churches in the UK raised enough money to drill a borehole in Chibawe village, Zambia.

11-year-old Emeldah used to have to walk miles every day to fetch dirty water. The journey was exhausting for her small body and often made her late for school.

Last year support from churches across the UK meant a borehole could be installed in Emeldah’s community. 

The clean water close to her home means Emeldah has time to go to school, do her homework and is looking forward to a much happier, healthier future.