This Christmas is your club made of the stuff that will help end the global water crisis?

This Christmas your club may be gathering to celebrate another year gone by. A year of huge achievements, wonderful progress and countless small acts of generosity and kindness. But for many it has also been a year of rising economic uncertainty, social division and political turmoil.

Many of us might even have begun to question “Do we have anything in common anymore?” But we know that the answer is that we do. We know that we are all Made of the Same Stuff.

With this is in mind, this Christmas, we have decided to celebrate what unites us, what we all have in common, what we are all made of.


We are all 60% water. We need it to keep our hearts pumping, our brains thinking and our joints moving.

Seeing people living without safe water has an immediate effect on all of us. It stirs the same stuff within us. Igniting our empathy, generosity and determination, connecting us across cultures, countries and kilometres.

You can see this same determination and courage in the eyes of people like 21 year-old Esnart from Malawi.

Esnart and her son

Every day she wakes up at 3am, straps her two-year-old son Jafali to her back, picks up her 20 litre bucket and walks out into the pitch black night, listening intently for hyenas that prowl the path. She does this because she has to collect water for her son. She does this even though there is no guarantee there’ll be water in the mud hole. 

Esnart is made of the same stuff as you and I, the same desires for her son and determination for a better future. But water holds them both back. This Christmas, could you club be made of the stuff that brings not only water, but hope?

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