H&M have supported WaterAid since 2002, raising over £3.5million and enabling more than 230,000 of the world's poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Every summer, H&M sells an exclusive swimwear/fashion collection from which 25% of the proceeds are donated to WaterAid. The money raised is linked to WaterAid's water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, where some of H&M's suppliers are present.

In 2013 H&M’s summer collection including the H&M for Water pieces were fronted by the global superstar Beyoncé!

H&M’s commitment to WaterAid has grown over the years making 2013 the most successful year of the partnership so far. Along with the fabulous Beyonce fronted H&M for Water collection, H&M also chose to support WaterAid through the holiday period donating $1 to WaterAid’s work in Dhaka, Bangladesh every time their customers bought a $10 H&M gift card.

H&M are a part of many communities around the world. This includes the places where their stores are located as well as communities along their supply chain. Their values and growth have an impact on the development of these communities. They provide more than one million jobs around the world and consequently have the opportunity to drive positive change for people and the environment.

H&M focus their efforts on three areas:

  • Employment, education and health, focusing on women and youth
  • Water
  • Innovation of sustainable raw materials

H&M's community investment work builds on three pillars outlined in their global community investment policy:

  • Our long-term community partners
  • A number of distinct community projects
  • Ongoing community support

These pillars work together to meet some of the diverse needs of the communities in which they operate. Community activities undertaken across H&M include cause-related marketing campaigns and donations of money and clothes to selected charity organisations.

They also provide support in the event of major disasters and have done so in 2010 and 2011 in Pakistan for flood relief with WaterAid.

H&M’s overwhelming commitment to tackling the WASH crisis, and support for WaterAid is transforming lives and allowing poor communities to take their first step out of poverty.

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