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Music to your rears - WaterAid’s ‘Toilet of Dreams’ revealed on the Glastonbury 2017 line-up 21 Jun 2017

International development charity WaterAid has today confirmed rumours of a very special addition to the 2017 line-up of Glastonbury’s legendary loos.  WaterAid’s ‘Toilet of Dreams’ will be making its debut performance at the festival this year, billed as a loo like no other. Using the smallest yet swankiest room in the festival to share the huge problems of the 2.4 billion globally who dream of having a decent toilet, WaterAid hopes to encourage everyone who visits to get behind #TheWaterFight petition and help break down inequalities that prevent children from achieving their potential.

My Midwife -- New photo series shows mothers and midwives around the world in the hours after birth 26 May 2017

From the UK and Canada to Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda and Bangladesh, new mothers and their midwives have much in common -- however whether there is water and good hygiene practice in the place in which they deliver can make all the difference in their experience. WaterAid's touching new photo series shows new mothers, their babies and their midwives in the UK, Canada, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi and Bangladesh.