How to send in your donation

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Please send your cheques (made payable to 'WaterAid') to 47-49 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JD along with a paying-in form.

There are two forms available, depending on whether you fundraised using the Water Resource.

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Contact our team on +44 (0)20 7793 4594 or email

Primary lesson plans

Lesson plans about health and water

A child smiles at the camera.

Why is handwashing important?

This set of lesson plans reminds pupils of the importance of handwashing in preventing the spread of illness and disease.

Secondary lesson plans

Lesson plans about water and human rights

A group of seventeen women smile for a group photo.

Women and water

This lesson plan explores the effect on women's lives and the changes that women bring to their communities once they have access to clean, safe water.

A boy and a girl stand outside beside a small blackboard reading "Wasichana girls' toilet", in a rural location.

Human rights and sanitation

Access to water and access to sanitation are basic human rights. This lesson plan explores how these rights are denied and how this is being overcome.

Lesson plans about WaterAid's work

Standalone activities

Activities for core and foundation subjects

A person wearing a WaterAid toilet costume.

Physics of flushes and flows

People have been flushing toilets for over 150 years, but how do they really work? Find out with this simple experiment.

A group of children in India with hands painted blue.

Water's deadly connection

Investigate how potentially fatal diseases like cholera are spread, using both mathematical and scientific skills.

Two men do maintenance on a hand pump in a rural location.

Pumping it up

Find out how water is stored underground and how it can be pumped to the surface – a simple experiment using soil, pebbles and water.

Washing hands under the stream of water from a handpump.

Coming back to you

Drain a sink. Flush a toilet. Water a lawn. Find out where it goes next as you follow the cycle of water.

Activities for arts and humanities

A woman walking beside a small rural river.

Down the divide

Build a model of natural mountainous terrain and predict how water will behave when it 'rains' upon this landscape.

A group of women performing a dance in Bangladesh.

Spotlight on water

This action pack explore water issues around the world through singing, drama and interactive activities.

Please find all downloadable songs in our resources section.

Primary school activities

Games which support learning about water and sanitation

Films and animations

Films specially made for schools


Make your lessons, presentations and displays stand out with some of WaterAid's inspiring photography


New English School in Kuwait
New English School

The New English School in Kuwait have been supporting WaterAid since 2008, raising a staggering £79,986.12 for WaterAid Projects in Zambia. This year, with a little help from magic, they have already raised £9,000 to add to this total.

Find out how New English School fundraised >

An illustration of three water bottles.

Robinsfield Infant School

"We chose WaterAid's 'Bottle It' activity. Using the resources has been a brilliant opportunity to teach children about the importance of water and sanitation. The resources also helped the children think about how they can contribute to a global community as responsible citizens.

"The activities got the children talking about water - we raised £685.89 just from empty water bottles!" - Georgie Dart, teacher.

Students supporting WaterAid

Inspiring young minds

WaterAid has joined forces with the UK’s water companies to inspire young people to think differently about water.

The Aqua Innovation programme challenges students to think about how they use water at school and in their daily lives, how they can effect change in their communities, and how the problems we face compare with those experienced by millions of people around the world.

To find out more about the exciting opportunities Aqua Innovation offers students, contact Maria Georgiou on