Employee engagement

WaterAid works with companies of all sizes and business sectors engaging their employees to fundraise in support of our vital work. Our experience can help you:

  • connect employees across teams and locations
  • connect employees with customers and suppliers
  • develop employee skills
  • promote job satisfaction and boost employee retention
  • enhance your business brand to employees, suppliers and customers

Case study – The UK water industry

The UK water industry has raised a staggering amount of money and provided invaluable support to us throughout our history. SInce 1981, the industry has raised millions of pounds and helped us promote our message to tens of millions of individuals.

In return for that support, WaterAid has been advising and delivering on employee development, corporate social responsibility, cross sector networking, customer care and brand profiling.

Our Water Industry Partnerships Team helps our partner companies deliver on their business objectives. We have nine account managers in the team, many based on site within the water companies. We support our partner companies to develop their business by:

  • inspiring and motivating staff 
  • facilitating employee learning, skills and development
  • contributing to the career development of individual employees 
  • broadening cross-company working by bringing teams together on fundraising projects
  • developing new relationships across the sector through social and networking events

In addition to this, the water industry has helped engage their customers by distributing WaterAid information in around 23 million water bills each year. This is a clear demonstration of the strength of their commitment to helping some of the world's poorest communities.

WaterAid activities give our people the opportunity to develop their core business skills. Our WaterAid volunteers strive to achieve ambitious targets and embody the values and ethos of WaterAid. We are delighted that so many people across Anglian Water get involved with WaterAid and continue to support their efforts.

- Peter Simpson – Managing Director, Anglian Water

When people see Northumbrian Water, they also see WaterAid. Water and sanitation are taken for granted here, but with our links, they see the differences between us and the wider world. We bond the corporate message for our customers here with the charity messages overseas.

"This, along with the dedication and passion of our employee volunteers for WaterAid, supported by the business, is contagious and enhances the company reputation in the eyes of all its customers and stakeholders.

 - John Mowbray – Director Corporate Affairs, Northumbrian Water