Harvest is a fantastic time to share the gift of safe, clean water. This festival, teach your pupils about the importance of water for growing crops by joining our Recipe For Life appeal.

In many parts of the world, a lack of clean water means crops fail and families often go hungry.

In Apechoroit village, Uganda, that means many parents are forced to pound and boil leaves for their children, to provide what is often their only meal of the day – as James Kyimba, from WaterAid Uganda, explains:

Recipe For Life

This Harvest time, use our film and brand new resources to help your pupils learn about how a lack of safe water affects people’s lives and their crops.

Why not also cook our simple Ugandan recipes at home or school, then invite parents, pupils and teachers to enjoy them as part of a delicious Harvest lunch in exchange for a small donation to WaterAid?

Use our free resources below to get started.

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