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Help them do their business19 Aug 2016 | The office

One boss sold off the office loos to an internet start-up. Find out what happened next…

Everyone everywhere 2030

Grace's story18 May 2015 | International

Everyone everywhere can have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.

Plumber Krishna wears a virtual reality headset in the hills of Kharelthok, Nepal.

Aftershock24 Aug 2016 | Nepal

Join plumber Krishna as he faces the challenge of a lifetime in our first virtual reality film.

Chanda, a community toilet caretaker in Delhi, India.

The Global Loo Crew13 Jun 2016 | International

Meet some of the amazing workers around the world designing, building and cleaning the toilets that help save lives.

George Benson does Tough Sh!t

George does Tough Sh!t21 Oct 2016 | UK

What happened when YouTuber George Benson took on our toilet-themed obstacle and mud run?

Meet Doris

Water: At What Cost? 22 Mar 2016 | International

Getting hold of clean water can be a costly business in some countries. But the cost of going without is even higher.