Congrats to our London Marathon runners!

100 dedicated people ran for WaterAid at the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 21 April. You can still lend them your support.

22 Apr 2013

Congratulations to our 100 WaterAid runners who took on the 26.2 miles of the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 22 April.

Our thanks also go to all supporters who cheered them on in person or on their sofas! Although the race is over, you can still support WaterAid runners by donating online.

Our runners are listed below - you can donate to most of them individually. Just click on the name of a runner to go to their fundraising website.

Cheer point 1 for WaterAid was located in Bermondsey between miles 11 and 12. Mo Farah ran the first half of the marathon ahead of his full debut next year. Cheer point 2 was located along Victoria Embankment between miles 24 and 25.5. Thanks so much to all who came down to lend such fantastic, loud support to our amazing runners!

Support our runners

 Abby Yolda Abs Samee   Adam Leon Alan Stevens 
 Alex A Cowan  Allegra Chatterjee  Andreas Bohlin  Andrew Hicks
 Aniruddhe Mukerjee  Anju Wijeyekoon  Anthony Tyler  
 Bernard J Merron  Beth Sergeant  Briony E Hunter  Bruce Jones
 Bruce Knight  Carley Knowles  Carolyn P Ditton  Charles Campanero
 Charmaine P Braithwaite  Christopher Arnold  Connie Potter  Craig Goddard
 Craig Holliday  Daniel Sellman  David A Beatty  David Bresnahan-McRae
 David Pennell  Dean Carroll  Des M Chabrel  Elizabeth J O'Hagan
 Feroz Osman  Frances Ward  Gillian Pearce  Hannah Brierley
 Hannah J Hunt  Harriet Parkinson  Helen Johnston  Ian Hall
 Imran Chaudry  Imran Y Saddique  James J Clarke  Jasmine Killen
 Jennifer Casson  Jennifer Rhodes  Jenny Skues  Jenny Wood
 Jessica Rice  John Leachman  Jon Choy  Jonathan Brock
 Joseph J Radcliffe  Kevin Foster  Lewis P Whittingham  Lucy M Turner
 Luke Dashper  Mark A Antoine  Martyn Nock  Megan Rodie
 Melissah Gibson  Michelle Lewis  Mohsin Ghor  Morris Matlock
 Natalie Vamvadelis  Neil Lawrie  Nick Lewis  Nick Pitt
 Ossie Bayram  Peter Haberstich  Philip R Young  Raakhee Lakhtaria
 Rebecca Mitchell  Ronald Tranter  Rosa E Campo Gomez  Sandeep T Hayer
 Sarah Hughes  Sarah Wightman  Sean Brady  Sharafath Khandoker
 Shinji Shimada  Simon Bowley  Simon McCulloch  Stephen Latter
 Stephen Salter  Till Spielhoff  Tim Norman  Timothy P Gutteridge
 Will Whitehead  William Holmes  Yasmin Kaur  Zoe Faragher