Introducing WaterAid's new YouTube ambassador – George Benson

When this extraordinary young vlogger explores the world, he always takes his followers along for the ride. Now we're setting off on a momentous new journey together.

4 Mar 2016

With one billion users and over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, it’s important to have a voice on YouTube you know you can trust. 

That's where vloggers like George Benson come in. Since becoming a full-time YouTuber at the age of 19, George has built up a huge community of loyal subscribers who follow his daily adventures at home and abroad. 

Those adventures have taken him across the world, from hiking the Table Mountain to snorkeling in the Red Sea – and now he’s joining us on a very special mission: a journey to a world where everyone everywhere has access to taps and toilets by 2030.

Announcing our new collaboration, George said: “I've been fortunate to travel to incredible places making my videos but something that absolutely blows my mind is that around the world one in ten people don't have access to clean water – and one in three people don't even have access to a toilet.”

So far George has supported WaterAid by taking part in our Just Water challenge, where he proved his determination to make a difference by dropping all drinks apart from water and inspiring his followers to do the same whilst raising vital funds for our work.

Over the coming months, the vlogger will be sharing the incredible work we're undertaking together, rallying his followers to join us on our journey. We're excited to get started.

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