Send a well to Africa!

Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh of BBC TV's Ground Force fame have teamed up to build a well and ship it to Africa.


1 Apr 2013 | UK

Watch our new film to see the results for yourself:

Of course, Tommy and Charlie know this isn't the answer! We won't solve the water crisis by imposing things on people.

We have local teams working with communities across the developing world, finding the solutions that are relevant to people's lives. Wherever possible we use local materials and give training and support so that projects can be set up, operated and maintained by communities themselves.

"I’ve been involved with WaterAid for quite a few years because of the work they do in lots of different communities," explains Charlie Dimmock. "They don't force things on to communities – the community actually do it themselves and they own what they are doing."

Tommy Walsh adds: "So many people die through not having clean water. I think it's a priority. The message of the film is that WaterAid works with local people all around the world rather than taking an idea and imposing it on people. To make a project successful you need to involve them – they are the experts in their area.

"It's a spoof to emphasise this message in a humorous way. We want people to watch it and smile."

Thanks go to both Charlie and Tommy who gave their time for free to be united on for this project, as did Ben Wicks, Producer on the BBC's Have I Got News For You, who wrote the piece.