Ten amazing things you made happen for taps and toilets in 2015

From tackling our toilet-themed obstacle course to wondering what the world would be like #IfMenHadPeriods – and making history with Global Goal 6 along the way, here are a few of our favourite moments from the last year.

29 Dec 2015

1. You helped secure Global Goal 6 on water and sanitation

After three years of campaigning and hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, you helped us achieve something truly historic in 2015: a Global Goal dedicated to water and sanitation and the chance of a better future for our planet, and everybody on it.

Celebrating Global Goal 6 in Madagascar.

2. You made double the difference to help mums and midwives deliver life

Thanks to the UK Government, every £1 you’ve donated to our Deliver Life appeal will be doubled – right up until 10 February 2016, so we can reach even more mums and midwives around the world with the clean water they need to deliver life safely.

3. You helped us get emergency aid to Nepal

When two devastating earthquakes struck Nepal, we launched an emergency appeal – and you did everything you could to help. Thanks to you, we were able to distribute thousands of water purification tablets and hygiene kits to those affected, as well as helping families like Sarmila's take the first steps towards rebuilding their lives.

Sarmila, her son and parents-in-law stand outside the temporary shelter where they've been living, after their house collapsed during the Nepal earthquakes. 

4. You told us your stories of taps and toilets across the UK

How do we know change is possible around the world? Because, just 150 years ago, houses in the UK didn’t have taps or toilets. The stories you sent in for our Big History Project helped us show MPs that reaching everyone everywhere by 2030 with these essential facilities really is possible – all we need is the political will.

5. You wondered what the world would be like #IfMenHadPeriods

1.4 million of you helped mark Menstrual Hygiene Day 2015 by watching our manpons film, and asking the question: what would the world be like #IfMenHadPeriods? (Answer: very different to the world we live in now.)

6. You made sure the UK Government protected a 40-year promise

In 2014, you asked MPs to #TurnUpSaveLives. This year, your hard work paid off, as the 0.7% bill on international aid became law, protecting the UK Government’s pledge to help the world’s poorest communities and proving that, when we act together, we can achieve the seemingly impossible and change lives.

Celebrating the 0.7 bill on international aid, March 2015.
Celebrating the 0.7% bill on international aid, as part of action/2015.

7. You enjoyed a #LooWithAView at the world’s greatest music festival

From the outside, it looked like a regular loo with a handy mirror on the front door. But from the inside, our #LooWithAView at Glastonbury gave festivalgoers a taste of what life’s like when you don’t have a safe, private place to go to the toilet. And this is what you made of it:

8. You took on 20 toilet-themed obstacles – and a lot of mud

2015 was the year you proved you were (more than) tough enough by taking part in Tough Sh!t, our brand new 10k race, packed with over 20 toilet-themed obstacles – and a lot of mud. 

Not only did you bowl us over with your brilliant team names, including Mama Do The Dump and Rage Against The Latrine, you also helped us spread a seriously important message: that 2.3 billion people around the world don't have access to a decent toilet.

Taking on Tough Sh!t 2015
Taking on the first ever Tough Sh!t challenge.

9. You enjoyed some potty puns Live at the Apolloo

You helped us mark World Toilet Day 2015 and the launch of our new report on the state of the world’s toilets with some ‘sit-down’ comedy at a portaloo stage at Waterloo station – and even joined in with your own favourite bits of toilet humour.

10. You helped us reach over 220 people an hour with safe water

In 2014-15, we reached 2 million people with safe water, 3.1 million people with sanitation and 8.2 million people with hygiene – none of which would have been possible without the incredible support of people like you. Which is why we made you this:

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