Test your knowledge in our Incredible Quiz of Unbelievable Sh!t

From the correct way to hang your toilet roll to the name of the first public flushing toilet – test your knowledge in our brand new interactive quiz.


3 Jun 2015

This week, we've launched a new, interactive quiz that's all about, well, sh!t – and you won’t believe some of the muck we've dug up.

From the correct way to hang your loo roll (according to the 1891 patent) to the amount of excrement you'd accidentally eat in a year if you lived in a town without flushing toilets, clean water or sewers (a jar of chocolate spread or a chocolate coin?) the Incredible Quiz of Unbelievable Sh!t will test your historical knowledge of all things faecal.

How well do you know your sh!t? >

Test your knowledge in our Incredible Quiz of Unbelievable Sh!t.

While taking the quiz might be a great excuse to unearth some fascinating facts and have a giggle, there's also a serious reason why we're talking toilets.

Just 150 years ago, when Queen Victoria was on the throne (pardon the pun), faeces flowed through the UK's streets and into our rivers, deadly diseases were rife and defecation was the talk of the town. In fact, the Victorians were so obsessed with the brown stuff, they had 15 different words for it!

And while that might seem like the dim and distant past to us now, around the world 2.5 billion people still do not have access to a safe, private toilet.

We want everyone, everywhere to have taps and toilets by 2030, but we can't do it unless we break the silence on sanitation and make change happen.

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