WaterAid’s Toilet of Dreams is open for your business at Glastonbury 2017

Early arrivals to this year’s scorching festival have been rewarded by the most luxurious loo ever to grace Worthy Farm.

21 Jun 2017
Our Toilet of Dreams has made its debut performance at this year’s Glastonbury – billed as a loo like no other.

The unisex blingy bog invites users to become king or queen of the latrine as they sit on a silver throne complete with 70s-themed purple loo seat, surrounded by disco balls, mirrors and a very special dream-themed soundtrack... Music to your rears, no less!

The first person to visit the toilet was none other than Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis.

Festival-goers can find the Toilet of Dreams next to the Cider Bus at the back of the Pyramid Stage field.

Join The Water Fight

Our disco dunny raises awareness that the humble loo has the power to make dreams come true.

A festival-goer uses WaterAid's Toilet of Dreams at Glastonbury 2017.A festival-goer uses WaterAid's Toilet of Dreams at Glastonbury 2017.

Around the world, 1 in 3 schools don’t have a decent toilet. This holds children back from the happy childhood they deserve and the education they need.

That’s why WaterAid’s friendly team of volunteers are asking festival-goers to join The Water Fight – the global campaign to make clean water and decent toilets normal for every child by 2030.

Not at Glastonbury this year? You can still join The Water Fight here >