WaterAid’s water superhero takes to Radio Everyone

To help mark the launch of the Global Goals, Ernest Randriarimalala, our Voices from the Field officer, takes us on a journey through remote Madagascar.


2 Oct 2015 | UK

Ernest Randriarimalala, our Voices from the Field Officer in Madagascar, has taken to the radiowaves to help mark the launch of the Global Goals – which aim to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Ernest's appearance on Radio Everyone takes listeners on a journey through remote Madagascar, to highlight the importance of safe, clean water and toilets in creating a healthier, more sustainable world.

The water segment, which is hosted by retired footballer Fabrice Muamba, also features WaterAid Nepal's partner, Pema Lhaki, who talks about the challenges surrounding periods and menstrual hygiene for girls and women in Nepal.

Listen to Ernest on Radio Everyone >

(Listen to Pema from 16:55 and Ernest from 21:30.)

Watch Ernest describe his own story of growing up without safe, clean water:

About Radio Everyone

Radio Everyone is a pop-up radio station which has been launched as part of Project Everyone, a campaign to make sure everyone everywhere hears about the new Global Goals.

The 17 goals cover everything from health and nutrition to education, and aim to create a better future for all of us and our planet.

Significantly, #Goal6 is dedicated to clean water and sanitation. It marks the first time ever that world leaders have publically acknowledged that securing access to taps and toilets is vital for eradicating poverty.

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